Sunday, November 2, 2008

Election Day

Is anyone else excited about this Tuesday? I just was sitting here going through my plans for the week and realized it was Tuesday. Now I know I must be living under a rock to not have realized that it is this Tuesday right? But in my defense, I think when you are a mom you kind of learn to turn all of that shit out you don't want to hear. And things like "Mom is my leg supposed to bend that way?" or "Wow Nathan's head sure bleeds alot", become more clear in my head than campaign ads and lawn signs. I am just really pumped to be able to vote this election. I voted in the last two elections and that didn't turn out all that swell (understatement) but I was never as excited about the nominee as I am this year.

Lily's school was having a mock election, mainly just trying to help the kids learn how the election process works, which is a hell of a good idea since she is the one that has informed me of alot of the stuff...I had no idea John McCain would be the oldest President if he is elected. Gotta love when your 7 year old out-smarts you. Now basically I realize the kids vote for who their parents tell them too... case in point, my Lily who voted for Obama after I drilled it into her head for days before the actual election throwing in that she would not be in the will if she did otherwise (kidding..sort of). I am doing her hair one morning and explaining to her the significance of this election year. How privileged she is to be an American and to be a part of a piece of history that some people thought would never happen. Whether it be the first African American President or the first Woman as Vice President. How cool is that? For her to be a female and be able to live through this is amazing. It was somewhat hard to explain to her, the importance of this year, the fact that this country is really in the shitter and we need someone to pull us out before the toilet gets completely clogged and spills all over the floor (which had just happened to us so she got that analogy)was the best I could do.

I don't really "do" politics I have my beliefs and my positions and sure I'm geeky and listen to the City Council on WCBU once a month. Hell my Dad worked as the Station Manager for WCBU all of my childhood and I was forced to listen to all those programs, and some of it seeped in apparently. But I am pretty narrow minded when it comes to what I believe in... not a great thing to admit about oneself, but people that have opposing idiotic ideas irritate me. Bothers me to the point that I just have to walk away or else I wouldn't trust myself to behave. I can listen to people who lets say oppose the city taking over the water company where as I agree with it, stuff like that doesn't get to me much. I can listen and talk about both sides. But beliefs in politics that are clearly influenced by how much money they earn, or the church they attend on Sunday mornings... ugh i can hardly write about it with out getting pissed off. So yeah I don't write alot about politics, but this year is so cool for lack of a better word, it is just cool. I am so glad my daughters can be a part of it. They are learning what the American people can (hopefully) do after a massive failure on the part of our government for the last 8 years. And now that I am technically somewhat of a grownup this election means more to me than any in the past. At the risk of sounding preachy, we all need to do our part, it was only such a short time ago in our history as a country that women weren't allow to vote, or African Americans weren't allowed to vote. That is what blows my mind when I hear my 93 year old Grandpa talk about the Civil Rights and Woman's Movements. Thinking of everything those people risked to change the way we think... we have to go and vote on Tuesday. It should be mandatory.

I can't wait to vote then come home and turn on the TV and pop some popcorn and bug the shit out of my boyfriend all night with results, red and blue states, statistics and polls and percentages! The only down side is that Tim Russert won't be around this year. When he died of a heart attack this June I cried for three days straight. Him and his dry erase boards will definitely be missed by this election day nerd : ) So vote even if you don't know who you want to vote for, just vote no excuses! I am watching you people!


i do not know me said...

Uninformed, irrational and unprincipled voting should NOT be encouraged. I only want people voting who have the knowledge and intellect to support a personal ideology and the wherewithal to rationally decide which candidates best represent their philosophy. People voting based on fleeting whims are much worse than people who don't vote.

Sarah said...

Well lucky for me none of my readers are uninformed, irrational or unprincipled so I think I won't lose too much sleep. But thanks so much for the comment!