Thursday, November 6, 2008

My List

So me and a girlfriend of mine were recently talking about "the list" you know the list that you get when you are in a relationship. The list that give you a freebie if you will, if you somehow by some cosmic twist of fate happen to meet any of the people on your list and want to "hook up" with them. (Do they still call casual sex hooking up? Its been awhile...) I didn't necessarily have one per say I just have a lot of random celebrity crushes that if anything would be fun to lets say have dinner with or have a beer with or play mini-golf with. I had alot when we got to writing them down I probably had over 50 men. Apparently I am a whore in my own fantasy life? So for everyones entertainment or maybe just for mine and for sure for my own embarrassment I narrowed the list down to my top ten :

10. Hugh Laurie (actor) He plays this asshole doctor on the FOX show House and was also for you parents out there the Dad in the Stewart Little movies. Now to my own defense my crush did not happen until he played Dr House ... I don't know something about arrogant men that are arrogant for a good reason. Makes me wanna have a mystery diagnosis that only he could solve possibly involving a tapeworm. Plus in "real life" he has this very sexy English accent that makes him a bit more likeable. I would like to play doctor with him if you know what I'm sayin' .

9. Chris Matthews (political guy) I love him I mean I love love him. He is on MSNBC with the show Hardball where he screams alot and pretends to be a real hardass...but then I saw him on a David Lettermen interview where he was this different guy. For one he was shy, almost awkward and he kept pulling up his socks throughout the whole process. Something about that really brought him down to a human level and he was really funny, geeky funny, but funny. And he had on white socks and dark shoes... his fashion fauz pas was what did it I think.

8. Davy Jones (Singer) Now I mean Davy Jones from back in the day. When I was a kid The Monkey's were on every night on Nick at Night and I would watch that show and think Davy Jones was singing Day Dream Believer to me and only me. I would have dreams that he would come and take me to Hollywood and we would live happily ever after...very Brady Bunch Marsha fatasyisc. And yes every time I hear the Monkey's today I think of that. Davy Jones and Bob from Sesame Street were my major crushes as kids. That and pretty much every male ice skater from the Ice Capades shows...I would sit and kiss their pictures in the programs...Oh I am going to far again aren't I??

7. Anderson Cooper (CNN guy, Vanderbilt heir) Another news guy, but I really fell in love when he was the host of that show The Mole. Does anyone remember that show? It was the best reality show out there, maybe a little bit slow, and no one was really all that exciting, but you had to use your actual brain and try and figure out which contestant was an actual member of the show and trying to purposely get the other people of their team to fuck up. It was the coolest concept ever, and there my love grew for Anderson Cooper. Really who didn't fall in love with him through all the coverage he did of Hurricane Katrina? I really have slight crushes on alot of men in the news outlets. But these two really stand out in my mind as someone I would be willing to put on an actual list of possible hook ups.

6. Will Ferrell (actor) He's funny and he's in my top movie of all time Old School. And I bet he would be a really good drinking buddy. Maybe he would let me go streaking with him??And I could get all the good Hollywood movie gossip. Him in Talladega Nights running around in his underwear...nice.

5. Mike Rowe (TV host) He's that guy on the Discovery Channel who hosts Dirty Jobs. The show that goes around and finds the most disgusting jobs people do and he does them and somehow seems to make them all look like fun by the end of the half hour. Cool show. Sexy as hell host.

4. Steve McQueen (actor) Yeah I know he's dead but damn he was sexy. I loved his movies too again they make me think of my childhood and wanting to date a boy that rode a motorcycle. I think I needed attention as a kid or maybe a more time consuming hobby other than boys? The band Drive By Truckers did a really cool song about him too WAY cooler than Sheryl Crow's. Again I go back to my love affair of men with cigarettes and he drove cars fast and was just really freakin hot. That's about the best 8th grade explanation I got.

3. Lars (drummer from Metalica) Back in the day when me and my best friend would skip high school and sneak over to her boyfriends apartment where we would do various good girl activities you know read the Bible...quilt Metalica was usually on somewhere in the background. I have never been a big band groupie per say. My hair is short and dark and unable to be permed and or teased really high and I don't really look good in white denim so I would probably end up looking more like their accountant than their random fuck...but I could work with that. I am a sucker for an 80s hair band drummer.

2. David Duchovney (actor, sex addict) My love for this man is no secret and I would gladly run off into the sunset with him if only for a night.

1. Johnny Depp (sexiest fuckin pirate ever) Do I really need a reason for him to be on the list? No talking required with him either I am afraid he would be one of those men that it would be better if they just didn't talk.

There are so many others I didn't name some much more mainstream and some much much more ...well not. I know some of these might sound somewhat off the beaten path but let me tell you I was alot better than my girlfriend who unfortunately doesn't blog but some of hers were just messed up. I mean who has a crushes on comic book characters?? What? Oh....sorry Dave. ; )


Jennifer said...

Hmm... my "list" would also include Hugh Laurie and Johnny Depp but I would add Vincent D'Onofrio (sp?), Anthony Bourdain, George Clooney, Alan Rickman, and that skinny guy in Burn Notice. (And he's not even "my type" I just find him oddly appealing)

Dave said...

I dare any man to not agree with me that Lara Croft is smokin hot! Love you and miss you! Where am I on that list of yours???

Sarah said...

Dave-haha Dream on!