Monday, November 17, 2008

They Write the Songs the Whole World Sings....Wrong

I am in my car last month singing (of course) and my favorite AC/DC song comes on...oh yeah! I am rockin some Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Chief...dirty deeds and the thunder chief... Yeah! Wooo! Hands up in the air head banging it like I'm back in 1995, when my girlfriend looks over at me and says, "What the hell??? And the thunder chief? What song are you singing? Its dirty deeds done dirt cheap." Wow! Seriously?? I had to go home and google the lyrics cause I couldn't believe I have been singing the wrong words for as long as I could remember.

Later on that evening a bunch of us are at dinner and my lovely friend brings up this embarrassing moment and we all start telling stories of songs we thought said one thing but really we were way the hell off by either ignorance or because it was soo much more fun to sing it the wrong way.

Some were common you know the CCR song "there's a bathroom on the right" and some were soo bizarre and off base it made my thunder chief slip up seem down right maybe they had meant to write it that way but changed the lyrics at the last minute. (hey its my could of happened??)

So here are a couple of examples from that night, feel free to make fun or to leave some of your own mis-sings (is that a word?)

Sheryl Crow's song "All I Wanna Do" the actual line is "Till the sun comes up on the Santa Monica Boulevard"...but we always sung it "Till the sun comes up on the Santa Mona cup full of lard" Oh yeah you know you wanna sing it that way too...

And while I'm still on the topic of lard (which I seem to be talking alot about lately) I was a child of the 90's, in high school that is, and Pearl Jam was a BIG one played on many a mixed tape in my car as a teenager and the song Better Man was always replaced with butter man. "oh she can't find the butter Man" We rocked it! (there really should be a butter man...just sayin')

This is one is an old song but one I only recently learned I was singing wrong Walter Egan and his song "Magnet and Steel" which for the record if I had known the song title I probably wouldn't have sung the line "For you are a magnet and I am steel" as "you are the madness and I am real"

I am THE BIGGEST ROLLING STONES fan you will ever meet but I didn't even know the right lyrics to their song "Bitch" I have always sung the words "salivate on a padlocked door" Well I guess its actually "salivate like Pavlov's dog" Hmmm I like my version better.

Here are some more:

B-52’s “Roam” : "Whoa! Nipsy Russell" instead of "Roam, if you want to"

Depeche Mode “Just Can’t Get Enough” or in my friend Erica case "I just can’t get it up"

Simon and Garfunkle “I am a Rock”: "I am a rock, I am in Thailand" instead of "I am a rock, I am an Island"

Steppenwolf “Born to be Wild”: "I like smokin’ ice cream" in reality " I like smoke and lightning"

This one is from my friend Mark I think this might be my favorite: Bryan Adams song "Summer of 69" : the real line is "I got my first real six string" but in Mark's twisted brain it is sung: "I got my first real sex dream"

And the dirtiest award goes to Hank our lovely bartender of the night and his addition of Robert Palmer's song "Addicted to Love" the real line is "Might as well face it you're addicted to love" His version : "Might as well face it you're a dick with a glove"

Enough said.


Allison said...

Shut up!! Those aren't the real words??? LOL I can't think of any that I have sung wrong even though I am sure there have been many!

goodfather said...

LOL!!! I love mangled lyrics, but my favorite is 'Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Chief'.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Why do I have anonymous commenters? On a blog about song lyrics??? LOL

Linda said...

I liked that old Elton John know 'Hold me close young Tony Danza'

Cameron said...

Drug use, huh?? And, I have to correct you. It's 7 seconds, not 4...geez, we're not all swine ;)

Lola Takes Pictures said...

omg too hysterically funny!

i used to sing bob dylan's song "the answer my friend is blowing in the wind" as "the ants are my friends and they're blowing in the wind..."

my kids have always called my car the MUV for Mom's (S)UV. one day i had U2's "stuck in a moment (that you can't get out of)" playing and laughed my arse off when they sang: "stuck in the MUV that you can't get out of."

misheard lyrics are so much fun!