Friday, November 21, 2008

I Party Like a Rock Star Look Like a Super Star...

That title has nothing to do with this post, its just such a damn catchy song I thought writing it down would help get it out of my head...*waiting*

Shit now I have The Beatles, Why Don't We Do It In the Road stuck *sigh*

Anyway this is purely and solely a procrastination post. A post that nobody is going to benefit from, no one will think it is that entertaining or humorous but it is what it is. I need to clean, mainly I need to clean the 74 crayons my son stuck down the vent and the bag of chips he threw all over the kitchen floor and is now rolling in getting them all nice and ground up for me and the bugs that I am sure love my house. I need to put back the curtain he tried to swing on yesterday when he got put in his crib for a "time out" mainly a mom time out so I wouldn't hurl him out the window. Apparently my son is a hoarder and so now I need to wash his sheets, wall, son, crib, because all the food he stashed in his crib was somehow spread everywhere I mean everywhere. Oh yeah and litter, cat litter I need to clean out of my washing machine because he dumped the litter box on the laundry room floor then shoved the said box in the washing machine. And yes I do watch him, I don't follow him around 24/7, but hell I have four so its not like he doesn't have people watching him at all times. But he's a sneaky shit like that. I am about to check the back of his neck for the 666 number, but then he is just so damn cute. I swear yesterday while I was threatening to leave him at Walmart he said 'I love you mommy'. Even though he doesn't talk and the only words he can say are cookie and no... oh and he growls now... alot (cute). I think that must have been the gods way of defusing mother's tempers so we don't really leave them at Walmart or else I bet you all could find all four of mine there on any given day. (They love the fabric section if anyone is interested in some kids.)

So instead of cleaning and cleaning and then waiting cause five seconds later I will need to clean again I am going to post this survey a friend of mine sent me. I am a nosy lady so they always fascinate me to learn useless I mean important items about my friends things like what kind of spaghetti sauce she uses or how many times a day she showers...Information I know I will need if an emergency arises. So here is a survey of sorts about some random things! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

About Me :

First Name? Sarah
Middle Name? Ann
Last Name? Superstar
Nicknames? Mommy, Supreme Goddess
What do you prefer to be called? My Queen

Date of birth? Feb 4 1977
Time of birth? early evening I think
How tall were you at birth? 21 inches

What did you weigh? 7'11
What is your zodiac sign? Aquarius
What is your birth stone? Amethyst
Where is your birth place? P-town USA
What hospital were you born at? Methodist

How old are you now? 31
How tall are you now? 5'7
Brave enough to share your weight? 145
What shoe size do you wear? 10 (don't make fun)
Do you have any tattoos?no

Any piercings? just the ears
What color are your eyes? blue
Do you wear glasses or contacts? glasses most of the time, contacts when I'm racing or swimming
Ever wear colored contacts? nope
What is your natural hair color? hell I can't remember

How long is your hair? very short
Where do you currently reside? Peoria
Is this your hometown? yes
How many times have you moved? 4 times
What is your heritage? Swedish and German

What Preschool did you attend? University Methodist
What Elementary School did you attend? Concordia Lutheran
What Middle or Jr. High did you attend? same
What High School did you attend? Peoria High School
What College did or do you plan to attend? Bradley and ICC

What was your favorite subject in school? recess
Did you have a favorite teacher? Ms Richerson and Mr Gutzman but only cause he was hot
What was your least favorite subject? Math
Ever skip class? pretty much
If so, who was it with and what would you do? it was usually with Renee and we always did super cool things like hang out at Lums and smoke or drive to Bloomington to go shopping..we were rebels

Ever gotten detention or Saturday School? nope but I loved The Breakfast Club
Ever been suspended? nope
Did you have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend in high school? not really
What about clubs and organizations? every one of them
What is/was your graduation year? 1995

Were/are you popular in high school? Well I was popular in my group of friends
Whats your mom's name? Nancy
Whats your dad's name? Frank
When did you last see your grandparents? along time ago but will be seeing my Grandpa in December
Do you have a big family? well I have four kids but I didn't come from a big family just my sis and me

Do you have any siblings? younger sister older step brother and step sister
If so what are there names and ages? Angie-40 Marty, 37, Kim 29
Are you the oldest, youngest or middle? oldest and wisest and greatest
Do you have any step or half siblings? already covered that
Do you put your family before your friends? my kids yes

How many best friends have you had in your life? 2
How many best friends do you have right now? 2
Who is your very best friend in the world? Renee
How did you meet him/her? high school
How long have you known them? duh since high school Who wrote this survey??

Do you feel like you are drifting away from any close friends? no
Any pets? a cat and four kids
Who all lives in your house? the kids and me and the cat
Do or did you have to share a room with anyone? when i was a kid I had to share a room with my sis and when I was married I had to share one with my husband lol
Do you get along with your parents? yes

Are you closer with your mom or dad? Mom
Do you feel you are your parents favorite child? of course
What kind of flooring? hard wood
What color are the walls? brown, red, blue, grey, purple, green, orangy
Do you have a stereo? I have a $10 radio from Walmart it rocks the good tunes

Do you have a computer? yes
What size bed do you have? queen
Do you have pictures of friends in frames? kids yes
Do you have a photo album laying around? yes
What is your favorite possession? My signed Jonas Brothers poster...oh wait no I mean my house

Any stuffed animals? well if that damn cat isn't careful...
Do you keep your room clean? sure

What's your political affiliation? dem
Do you like politics? very much so
Pro Life or Pro Choice? choice
For or against sex before marriage? I'm gonna go with before since we're all adults here

Are you patriotic? sure
Should marijuana be legalized? hell yeah why not?
Are you open minded about religion? I can be
For or Against Gay Marriage? for
Do you really care about the environment? I try to care

Do you care if the polar bears are becoming extinct? are they?
Do you believe in magic? I truly believe that my neighbor pulls real quarters out of my kid's ears and I think he might have actually stolen my nose yes
Ever done drugs? yes
Ever drink alcohol before the legal age? um yes
Ever use a fake ID or one that was not you? nope

Ever sneak out of your house? no
Ever shoplift from a store? yes
Ever steal from a friend or family member? no well unless my sister counts and then yes even though I cant think of what I would have stolen, gum?
What color is the comforter on your bed? black and grey
What kind of camera do you own ? Cannon

When was the last time you hung out with a friend? Wednesday
Have you ever gotten a black eye? during kickboxing
Are you using a laptop or desktop computer? desktop
Have you ever been camping? yes unfortunately
What was the last song you listened to? Sean Hayes

Do you rent movies at a local store or online? neither
Do you like to sing? yes
Have you ever broken a bone? my arm while I was trying to turn a corner on my bike with no hands
What are some of your hobbies? running, shopping, reading
Ever shop at a thrift store? yes

Single or Taken? taken
Truly Happy or Just OK? happy
Book Smart or Street Smart? oh I am the shizzle when it comes to street smarts
An introvert or extrovert? both
Leader or Follower? a bossy leader : )

Giver or Taker? both
Outgoing or Shy? both
Phone Talker or Texter? phone
Tall or Short? tall
Blonde or Brunette? brunette

Day or Night Person? night
Responsible or Carefree? responsibly carefree
Loud or Quiet? Quite...hahahaha just kidding I'm loud
TV Sitcom: Friends
Reality TV Show: So You Think You Can Dance

TV Station: TLC
Cartoon: Smurfs
Movie: Old School
Movie Genre: Comedy
Actress: Tina Fey
Actor: Will Ferrel


Band? Big Star
Artist: Sean Hayes
Mall: Grand Prairie
Clothing Store: The Gap
Grocery Store: Cubs

Website: anything porn ; )
Sport to Watch: running
Sport to play: running, swimming
Olympic event: running
Radio Station: WCBU

Drink: beer or diet Coke
Food: not picky (understatement)
Vehicle: my minivan It is a fanasy...I say that on a liscense plate and knew I had to work it in here somehow

I know I know I am one hell of a procrastinater right? You all should take notes from me.


Heinous said...

Wow, that's a lot of work but I feel that much closer to you now.

Cameron said...

I need to clean to. All day I've been stepping over this pile of books in the hallway, then I finally thought to myself, "If I pick up those damn books, I wouldn't have to step over them all day."

I kicked them over to the side, instead.

goodfather said...

I also need to clean my hardwoods. Heh.

Cartoon: Smurfs

Rock on! I loved the Smurfs. ;)

Katie said...

I love the Smurfs. I tried to get my kids into the Smurfs and it was a screaming failure. Almost as bad as when I introduced them to Daria and Beavis & Butthead. They just do not appreciate good TV.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

That was one helluva survey! I need to clean too ... and do laundry ... and leave the kids at WalMart ... All of those things!

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