Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lessons From a Seven Year Old

Sophie (5 year old) : "Hey Mom I learned what to do if there was a fire today."

Mom (31 year old): Thinking about a fireman story she heard recently, involving a hot fireman and a married woman...snaps out of it....

"Oh Yeah?? What's that?"

Sophie: "You Stop Drop and Roll."

Lily (7 year going on 15 year old): Looking at me like she just heard the stupidest statement in the world

"Duh Sophie but only if the fire is on your clothes. If your house is on fire you don't stop, drop, or roll."

rolls eyes.

Hmmm makes sense.


Captain Dumbass said...

And just to clarify, because I read that post too, it's not stop, drop and roll WITH the firemen.

goodfather said...

@Captain Dumbass - LOL!!!

Dang, beat me to the joke. AGAIN. ;)

Cameron said...

The girl makes a damn fine point!!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Holy Crap Captain! I wasent talking about a bloggy friend...this fireman story was a friend..hmm must be more common than I thought? : )

note to self: must move near firehouse

Katie said...

That is so funny! It's a good thing your older daughter clarified!!

Heinous said...

Awesome. You just can't come up with that stuff as easy later in life.