Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Apple a Day?

So on my never ending quest to lose 5 pounds I bought a bunch of healthy food today at the grocery store, salad stuff, turkey, low fat bread, vegetables, etc. I come home unload all the stuff and put my bag of very yummy looking apples on the counter, change and go downstairs to run. An hour later I come upstairs hungry (as usual) and decide to have one of my heart healthy apples for a snack (mainly so I wont feel so bad about all the alchol I intended to drink later on) and this is what I see happened to all 6 of my lovely juicy red apples:
Mice? A terrible apple eating insect that just happened to invaded my apples after I got them home from the store? No the answer is my always hungry, always evil almost two year old, that decided after tasting every single one of them he would much rather have chocolate...well can't blame him there so that's exactly what we did. : )

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Rixblix said...

Argh. That's happened at Chez Rix, too. Although, when my oldest was a wee one, he didn't like the "peelies" (a.k.a skin - I refused the peel the apples for him...) so he got very adept at taking a bites out of the apple, eating the white part and spitting the peels all over the house. I could follow the trail of apple skin and know exactly where he'd been.