Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tis the Season

My loving boyfriend has everything. He wants/needs something he likes he goes and buys it. He is I can imagine like most financially secure responsible adults. He pretty much has everything. Which hey its great for me cause if I am ever in the mood to play Wii, know what the barometric pressure is from a watch, or play with a weird lighted toy called a Tonoruim, he's my guy. But when you are his girlfriend of less than 6 months with a major holiday looming its scary as shit. I have no idea what to get him, and let me tell you I am filling in some pretty big shoes from the ghosts of girlfriends past and their gift giving abilities, girlfriends who apparently had lots of disposable money to spend or not a lot of confidence that their relationship would last so decided to buy his love (totally made that up, but it makes me feel better) Where as my gifts will probably have the "Well its the thought that counts" vibe goin on this year. Since I don't have a whole lot of extra income and I tend to value things like lets say heat, and electricity call me crazy I do have to stick to a budget. Plus I have 4 little kids who in theory should learn the true meaning of Christmas but in thier reality the Jonas Brothers are god's Children born in a stable on a sound stage at Disney.

Back to the gift problem.... I have even cheated and gone on google and tried typing in "unique gifts for men" and the list if not amusing is not really practical. I don't think he has any use for camouflage toilet paper, or a twirling spaghetti fork. I did kind of have my eye on a sweatshirt with the words "Weekend Forecast: Drunk with a case of Horny" mainly though for me. Seriously I laughed embarrassingly long at that one. But other than that I am at a loss. He collects watches but he has three watches from past girlfriends that all cost more than my house payment every month and so I think I am gonna pass on trying to up that gift, since my watches generally come from Walmart and have cute pink plastic bands. He's not a snob by any means he would love anything I give him. He said all he wanted for Christmas was I am seriously considering wrapping a big bow around myself ....but maybe for Christmas night *blush*

He likes cars and watches and electronics. All of which he has a lot of. I think I have seen one book in his house which didn't have pictures of cars, watches or electronics in it so that is out. Any kind of specialty of the month club kind of reminds me of the cheesy gifts I would give my father-in -law, and he isn't a coffee drinker or even a big alcohol drinker (even though I keep having dreams about him drunk at a bar... but that's for my therapist to figure out).Sweaters, hats, socks? Boring that's a we've been married for 10 years gift, not a I still want to rip your clothes off whenever I see you gift. I am stumped. I am thinking I should know what he would like. He asked me last night what I wanted for Christmas... or if I just wanted him to use his imagination. I of course said to pick something out for me and that I would love anything he got for me and then I causally hinted that my neck sure felt empty and that my fingers felt really light lately without anything on them. I know I know I am one smooth lady.

I have looked around his house trying for something to pop int my head about what he might want without much success. I seriously am pretty competitive when it comes to gift giving. I want him to think "Wow she is the best gift giver ever! Even though I never thought I wanted this, fill in the blank here, I now can't imagine my life without one!"

I know I will figure it out eventually...I just am usually really good at giving gifts at knowing what that person would like and finding something special and I can't and it pisses me off! Why can't there be a real Santa Clause????


My Flock Rocks! said...

I am sure anything you give him will be just fine! How many people have already told you that?

One year I had a glamour photo taken. Not only did I get pampered getting my hair and makeup done, but he got a picture of me to show off. Well, I hope he showed it :)

Cameron said...

TOO EASY!! And it costs close to nodda. Ready?

Make him a coupon book full of sexy / sexual favors that you will do. What guy doesn't like sex??? Maybe it's not the moral high road, but who gives a shit.

You boyfriend can thank me after Christmas...he can buy me a beer or something ;)

Sarah said...

My Flock Rocks-Somebody suggested the whole picture thing to me but more of the tastefully naked kind : )

Cameron- Love the idea and that will definitly go into the stocking...even though at this stage he doesnt really need to have a coupon lol Sorry that might have been TMI : ) Will definitly have him thank you later!

Cameron said...

Ok, then make him a book of sexy/sleezy things that you would otherwise only do while highly intoxicated. ;) In other words, get freaky with/on him ;)

Sarah said...

Cameron--Too funny! You are trying to get a free dinner instead of just a beer aren't you?? I am on to you! ; )