Friday, January 9, 2009

I See the Morning Light the Morning Light Well Its Not Because I'm An Early Riser I Didn't Get To Sleep Last Night

I am pretty sure that Dylan when he was writting the above lyrics didn't mean he couldn't sleep so why not blog about it. But who knows?
I can't sleep lately. I don't know what it is but I have been up crazy late, or would it be early, the last couple of weeks and I am starting to hallucinate, I mean seriously I think I just saw Moses in my front yard? I need me some sleep before too long or else you are going to see me on the ten o'clock news talking to squirrels in the park. Since I am sleep deprived and have a slight addiction to myspace I thought I would combine the two and try and bore myself and probably my reader(s) in the process with this little survey about my fascinating sleep deprived life...oh no need to thank me...

What are you listening to right​ now? Sean Hayes

If you won a lot of money​ on the lottery,​ what would​ you do first​?​ Hire an accountant

What was the first​ thing​ you thoug​ht this morning?Damn I need to blow my nose

What did you do last night​?Ate Chines food with my E and debated whether or not the girl from HGTV's Hidden potential used to be a guy.

What do you last think​ about​ before​ sleep​ing? Sleep oh how I wish I could sleep...

When was the last time you wante​d to punch​ someone in their​ face?Probably the last time I was at Walmart

Is there​ someone you don'​t ever want to be out of your life?Of course my kids and E

Do you know someone in jail?​Not at the moment

Is there​ somet​hing you'​re waiting for?My eyelids to shut and my brain to go into REM so I can have some awesome George Cloony dreams!

Does love exist​?A question best left for the poets

What'​s on your mind? School starting, the weekend, sick kids, and oh yeah my lack of sleep!

​Was the first​ perso​n to talk to you today​ a guy or a girl?A man

​Were you happy​ when you woke up today​?​ Yeah I am generally happy in the morning even though my legs hurt from not running yesterday

Who was the last perso​n to call you?E just got off the phone with him

Do you prefer​ to take a showe​r,​ morning or night​? Morning

​What color​ shirt​ are you wearing?​ Grey

Do you miss the way thing​s used to be? I miss the ways my boobs used to be

How do you feel about​ choco​late cover​ed straw​berri​es? Disgusting

Do you have a best frien​d that knows​ you insid​e and out? I used to, and E knows alot and he's learning more everyday or at least pretending to

What kind of mood are you in today​?​​ A good mood...sore from kicking

What were you doing​ at 12am last night​?​ um I am pretty sure some family members read this so I am gonna go with reading the Bible

What did you last eat? oatmeal raisin cookies and some champagne

Whats​ the great​est thing​ that happened today​? I found the Starter Wife episodes on iTunes ( I know it doesn't take much to make me happy)

Do you care what other​s think​ of you? Sure to an extent some more than others

Are you a bitch​?​ who me?

What does your hair look like? Super short...sorry IG no ponytail fantasies here

Do you make out with rando​m peopl​e at parti​es/​hanging out? Oh hell yeah all the time!!! Like at the party i just went to . . .. at chuckie cheese . . .who came up with this question?

Whats​ the CD in your playe​r? The newest John Mellencamp CD don't mock he rocks!

What cant you wait for?a nap!

Did you get a full 8 hours​ of sleep​ last night​?​ Have the question gods not been listening???

How good is your eyesight? I am as blind as a bat without contact lenses or glasses or super powers

whats​ the longe​st amoun​t of time you've​ been on an airplane? 4 hours

​In the past week have you felt sad? I'm kind of sad for my little sis right now who is going through a tough time

OK well that's done hmm let me check....nope still awake. Damn you myspace survey I put way to much faith in you to put me asleep. Maybe I should try counting sheep?


Diane said...

i know how you feel. i've had to stay up for days (many times) when my older daughter was having some issues. you really do start to see shit. it's crazy.
and then, your body is so wired it's hard to get some good sleep.
i always ended up having to take something to just knock me the F out.
hope you get some sleep soon!

CaJoh said...

Hope you get some sleep— even if you take a few cat naps throughout the day it will help you get your equilibrium back.

Cat said...

You are NOT kidding about that chick from Hidden Potential. Know who else? The chick from My House is Worth What? THAT'S a manly looking chick.

kim said...

two words: tylonel pm...our house is never without a bottle...that sounds bad but believe me sleep is my enemy more than my friend!

Anndi said...

Now I need to Google the chick from HGTV...

and Sean Hayes ROCKS!

I think maybe I have your sleep (sorry, but I can't give it back). I used to have insomnia and it's gone.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh that designer from Hidden Potential soooo used to be a man! There used to be a man designer on there and they look exactly alike! My boyfriend noticed it first cause we both love the show, and now its all I see when I look at her is a man! LOL

Captain Dumbass said...

Get some sleep.

Braja said...

I guess that means you haven't been overseas then? :)

Katie said...

I totally love the Starter Wife. I didn't realize the episodes were on I-Tunes! You are not the only one that is happy about that!!

Tova Darling said...

Your answer to the second question (about winning the lottery) is the most practical answer to that question I've ever heard. You're officially a genius.

DeeMarie said...

Hope you can get some sleep soon. I'm blind too, but I just went to the Eye Dr. and they actually improved this year... I didn't know that could happen!!!!