Thursday, January 29, 2009

100th Post

Well today is my 100th post. I am pretty much positive this means I have way to much time on my hands or I am greatly ignoring things I shouldn't be. At any rate I am very thankful that people are actually reading what I write and I love this forum to express the things I would just normally talk to myself about. This makes me look slightly less crazy.

I thought about not doing the 100 things about me list that people do but then I didn't really have any other ideas so here we go. There will be a test at the end so don't cheat and skip to the last one and comment on that one! I am on to you and your slacker ways!

1. I never wanted kids.

2. I can not imagine what I would be like them now 7 years later.

3.I shoplifted once (or twice) in high school, and I got caught by a friend's Mom who told she wouldn't report me if I promised her I would never do it again.

4. I was an active member in my church's youth group during my teenage years.

5. I haven't been to church in two years.

6. I miss having something to believe in.

7. I envy the people who can have faith without questions or doubt.

8. I used to have bleach blond hair.

9. I was voted Most Environmental in high school.

10. I got my hand caught in an escalator when I was little.

11. I have the scar on the side of my hand to prove it.

12. I used to have a very bad temper.

13. I smashed my ex's guitar.

14. In my defense he called me a bitch cause his dinner wasn't ready when he got home from work that night.

15. He is gone and my temper is alot better now...go figure.

16. I lived in Seattle for two years.

17. It was the worst two years of my life.

18. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

19. I am sad that I won't be able to have any more kids.

20. I want to be a foster parent one day.

21. I am deathly afraid of getting old.

22. I cried the day John Ritter and Tim Russert died.

23. The song Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones scares the shit out of me.

24. So does Edward Norton.

25. I love john Denver, The Clash and Bob Seager.

26. I had a huge crush on Bob from Sesame Street.

27. On Linda too , the actress that was deaf.

28. That's how I knew I wanted to learn sign language.

29. I am a perfectionist.

30. Which is really annoying.

31. I can lick my elbows.

32. I suck at Math.

33. My favorite fruits are blueberries, grapes, and strawberries.

34. My favorite vegetables are broccoli and mushrooms.

35. I love the heels of bread.

36. I won't dance in public.

37. I hate clubs.

38. I love dive bars.

39. The fist concert I went to was Raffi and I think he was staring at me.

40. I am so into fat, bald, biker, men.

41. I am madly in love with a tall preppy salesman.

42. I can't whistle.

43. I love to vacuum.

44. and mow the lawn.

45. I have been told I sound snotty when I talk.

46. I'm really not.

47. Most of the time.

48. In exactly one week I will turn 32 years old.

49. You'll probably find me under the covers with a bottle of Whiskey listening to Pasty Kline.

50. I hate chocolate.

44. I love summertime

45. and grill out

46. and beer

47 and sunsets.

48. My eyes are glossing over....damn this is alot of shit to think about...

49. I am a bit of a control freak.

50. I don't have a lot of patience.

51. I am fiercely loyal to the people I love.

52. I sat on the family bird when I was 7 and it killed her.

53. Don't laugh that was sad.

54. OK you can laugh a little bit.

55. I had a miscarriage and I lost a baby in the span of 2 years and I thought I would go insane with grief.

56. I almost did.

57. Running saved my life.

58. I tend to over analyze things.

59. I hate camping.

60. I think men with glasses are sexy.

61. I think men lots of muscles are gross.

62. I love Bob Dylan

63. and Neil Young.

64. If I watch the Wiggles one more time I think I might knock something over...hard

65. I think the Red Wiggle is kind of hot.

66. I am pretty sure the Purple Wiggle is pervert.

67. I love wikipedia.

68. and youtube.

69. I liked Van Halen with Sammy Hager better than with David Lee Roth (don't hate)

70. I can play the piano.

71. I love board games.

72. I never carry cash.

73. Everytime I buy a new shirt I buy socks that match.

74. I can't play poker.

75. I can almost always know when someone is lying.

76. I love Texas Rummy.

77. I hate Rum.

78. I once called a girl fat in 5th grade, she told the teacher and he threatened to wash my mouth out with soap.

79. Years later she was my teaching assistant .

80. The best one I have ever had.

81. I apologized for calling her fat.

82. She forgave me.

83. The worst thing I have ever done, was sleep with the Dad of a kid I was babysitting.

84. He called me and told me he was leaving his wife, and that he was in love with me.

85 I never went back to babysit.

86. I played basketball in grade school.

87. I wanted to joining the swim team in high school.

88. But I was too afraid to learn how to do the flip at the end of the lane.

89. Anyone still here????

90. Really?

91. I love the smell of cigarettes, beer and grease.

92. Preferably on a man.

93. I can drive a stick.

94. But I don't now cause I drive a mini van.

95. I still think I am too young to drive a van

96. or be a parent.

97. I love denial.

98. I hate roller coasters

99. but love water slides.

100. I love to finish things

Whew, I am glad that is over with.

Well I am raising my imaginary shot glass in a toast to all my bloggy friends, for reading, for emailing, for commenting, and for laughing at me as well as with me I am sure. . Thank you so much for reading and here's to one hundred more.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Great job. But this will show you how un-hip I am (and old, and clueless): you said you cried when Chris Matthews died and I was all, what? He was on Hardball last night!

CaJoh said...

Congratulations on your major milestone. You should post on how you got that scar on your hand (unless it's a pretty straightforward story).

Mama Dawg said...

That was great! I don't know what to comment on first.

The dead bird, the love of the scents of beer, cigarettes and grease on a man, the fact that you are into fat, bald, biker could go on and on.

I, too, like bald men. I don't care too much about weight. But I love 'em bald!

blueviolet said...

I don't know how you all can come up with 100 things. I'm glad that milestone breezed right past me without me even knowing it. However, reading your list was so much fun. But don't tell people that you had a crush on Bob from SS. Linda is ok, but not Bob. ;)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

A Lawyer Mom pointed out to me, very nicely I might add that it wasent Chris Matthews that died, but Tim Russert, so I changed the name, but am slightly embaressed LOL. And I hope this was not some sort of foreshawdowing on the part of Chris Matthews and his life. Cause I love him too and that would suck if he died....

The Dental Maven said...

You Go Girl! Very cool list, but, er, uh, sorry about your bird.

Dr Zibbs said...

This is the police and we are coming over to arrest you for shoplifting.

Haha - Just kidding. It's me. Dr Zibbs.

Were you scared?

Casey said...

You have me cracking up with this list. How can someone hate chocolate and love vacuuming? It's not right. I love dive bars and mowing the lawn too. I'm sorry to hear about your family bird and miscarriage. I didn't laugh. OMG, I have to watch my babysitter now. Wowza! I feel too young to have kids too but I'm definitely not.

Happy 100, congrats!

Cameron said...

Wait a minute, you did like 110. You did the 40's twice. Anyway, like you I like beer, and summer, and I can lick your elbows too, although that might be kinda forward.....and weird.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Holy shit Cameron I think I am losing my freakin mind!!!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

err I mean I meant to do that ...that was the test see?

Secret Server said...

I left the room to see if I could lick my elbows (I don't want Gram to think I'm crazy) and came back to say congrats on 100! (I can't, BTW)

Vic said...

I demand proof of the elbow licking ability!!! I tried and tried, and either my arms too long or my tongue's too short.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Happy 100th post! Awesome facts about yourself. I also suck at math, so I am with you on that one. I have always wanted bleach blond hair and have tried it a hundred times, only for it to look TERRIBLE every time. Not meant to be I guess, but I am always so jealous of those that can pull it off!

Here's to many more awesome posts!

Diane said...

i'm finding myself having a lot that i want to say and ask you!

#7 really got me. that is the biggest weight i have on me at this point in my life. i've never gone to church. ok enough about that.

i enjoyed reading your list!

Shangrila said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I totally read the whole thing, so now I'm gonna torment you with some of the stuff I thought while reading it! "I never wanted kids, either (thank god I had them)! I shoplifted, too. I wnat her to post a pic of her with bleach-blond hair! Hand in the escalator-owa! I set my dad's guitar on fire. In my defense, he'd said that he wished I'd never been born. I cried for a week when Steve Irwin died. It still gets me. I was crushed when Olivia left Sesame Street. OMG, your elbows?!! Raffi. What a perv. You hate chocolate?! Maybe you're doing it wrong...I didn't laugh about the bird until you told me NOT to. #'s 55 and 56? Oh, honey...#65 No, the Blue Wiggle is hawt! (Maybe I just think taht because he really likes food...)#83 No, that's the worst thing HE'S ever done (I hope!) Cigars and leather smell good on a man, too. Pwhew!"

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Congratulations! I've given you an award...come and get it when you can!

Beth said...

Whoo Hoo! Way to go! And I didn't even realize you flubbed up on the numbering. See? You aren't the only one with number issues.

Now, may I suggest the possibility of some therapy... Squashing a bird! That is toe' up!

Anonymous said...

ok sister A) i didn't know you liked beer? we are so going to a dive bar to play board games when you come to seattle!! hehehe.
B) how come i don't remember you sitting on our bird? well dad did have like 10 different ones but really it is like my childhood was washed out of my brain???

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Uh Kim duh it was Blondie remember she was in the couch cushion and I sat down and I broke her wing and then she was painful thanks for remember ing you probably just blocke dit out! heheh

oh yes please lets play board games and drink lots of beer in Seattle also Eric wants to see the troll. : ) and yeah I guess some sort of hip place to go at night for us old people

Rix said...

Wow. I'm so sorry I missed book club and the chance to finally meet you. So many things in common...I think I may have to do a top 100, also. Basically I'll just copy you for most of them.

Katie said...

I think I may love you more!

Ramble On said...

Impressive! It is so good to see that we humans are more alike than different. I know I could identify with a lot of your list.

FoN said...

That was great! Although I question your sanity for hating chocolate. Oh, and the ex TOTALLY deserved the guitar smashing. Was it over his head??

Scope said...

I just swung by as I'm taking a brake from working on my 100-4-100 post, and I must say, "Wow."

I hope I can pull it off so well.

Jenni said...

the escalator? ouch. and I'd forgotten Linda. she was awesome.

Robin said...

Congrats on 100! And just to celebrate, you kicked 100's ass and did the 40s twice! My kind of girl!
PS- funny how perfectionists like us are also control freaks and over-analytical. guess it goes with the territory. :)

HeatherPride said...

Happy 100th!! There was a lot of great stuff in there. The babysitting gig? Wow. Juicy. Cute about the 5th grade "fattie".

lisa24n7 said...

great blog! love these 100 blogs!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

I stumbled upon your blog and love love love the way you just put it all out there!!!! Congrats on the big 100!!!! I will be back to read more!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I was wondering where the test was! I even read it twice so I could ace it! Great 100, or 110!

Chris said...

#25) Can't you just imagine the three of them recording a song together? I mean back when it was possible:)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Raising my glass right back at you. Congrats on your 100th!

Glamour Girl said...

We are also very similar! To be honest with you it is a bit frightening...other then the not dancing in pubilc thing. I don't dance any more but 10 years ago I was a major dancer.

I never smashed my ex's guitar but I wish I had! LOL.