Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweaters, Babies, Love

Do you know how much I love sweaters?? Alot. I would move to a cold climate year round just so I could wear my sweaters. I love kids in sweaters women in sweaters, men in sweaters. Men in hats and sweaters...Wow and the more I type sweaters the weirder it looks...have you ever noticed that??? Hmmm. I love Fall I love leaves, and football games, and jackets, and sweaters. I love apples and Carmel apples, and pumpkins, and Halloween. Yeah I'm kind of a Fall freak. I love all of it. I love the cold and the snow to, except this Winter I live an hour away from the man I am dating and to be perfectly honest I am dreading the drive this Winter. So I don't love Winter driving but I love Winter too...cause there are sweaters!!! Sweaters Rock!

Ok so today my second baby girl gets in the car after school today and promptly tells me that she got poked in the eye today and pushed off the slide. WTF??? About two weeks ago I get an email from her Kindergarten teacher telling me that a little boy had bit her finger? I mean how does someone else bite your finger? Was she sticking it his mouth? Asking him to bite it? Did he ask her to bite it? I was confused. But I am a very in general laid back kind of Mom. If its not gonna scar or need stitches then Thanks for telling me but let's move on to what we learned in school. But I was kind of pissed today. Her regular Teacher's Aide was gone this week so a sub was on the playground and apparently the little boy wasn't in her class so no one ever really talked to him about the general universal playground rule of no pushing people off the slides...especially my baby. Anyway so I did something that I swore I would never do for such a mild case....I emailed the teacher. I figured this was the preferred method nowadays and then I wouldn't sound so crazy over the phone . So I emailed and got a very prompt response back. I think the cooler weather must have had alot to do with the rowdiness this week and I sympathized with the teacher. They sooo don't make enough money! I just wanted to make sure that this little boy was at least told what the rules were and she agreed. Now I guess I won't go kick his ass...this time anyway :)

I love Fall did I mention that? Love was the other topic I put up there and I know no one wants to hear me gush about me being in love so I will reemphasize how much I love Fall...and love. I love love Ok I couldn't resist. That's as sappy as I'll get I swear.

Have a great Fall weekend!!!

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