Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Hater

Well maybe hate is too strong of word...maybe I am a Halloween disliker. Now I know that the majority of people, adults and of course children, this is the greatest holiday ever. I just never have seen the appeal once I reached the age of um... older than 21. Halloween night scares me. The idea of kids walking around neighborhoods in the dark knocking on stranger's door for food, carefully explaining again and again what to say when the people open their door, to only take one piece of candy and then reminding them to say thank-you,listening to loud parents shout at their kids...I think I would rather spend a Saturday morning in Walmart. I am not into the horror movies or anything scarier than lets say The Blair Witch Project which was so lame I can't believe it even classifies as a horror movie. I get scared easy, I am not a big fan of the dark, and people over the age of 13 banging on my door for candy irritate me. Especially when their "costume" is black clothes and they have been to my house 5 times already. I was invited to a costume party this year and I can't go to it because I really don't have anyone to watch the kids, They are fun and its always interesting to see your friends drunk dressed as Brittney Spears or Freddy Mercury...but its kind of like going out on New Year's way too many crazy people out there, and I am sounding like my mother right about now...damn I just noticed that. Well shit it had to happen someday I suppose : )

I really liked the year it rained and my kids just went room to room and I gave them candy from a bag...I know Bah Humbug, but I am a much better Thanksgiving person or even Christmas, or hell even Valentine's Day I can get behind, but Halloween? Not so much. I have bought the kids costumes and I will take 4,000 pictures, I will take them around the neighborhood and enjoy it through their eyes. I will try and limit the sugar intake and eat all the good stuff tonight out of their bags, you know just to make sure that there isn't any poison in the Snickers bars, or razor blades in the M &Ms. Cause that's the kind of Mom I am... Hey just cause I don't like the holiday doesn't mean I can't eat the candy....right?

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Katie said...

You are a darn good mom for taking that bullet! :)