Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bone Scans and John Denver

Alright so my bones are officially scanned and it was a piece of cake. It just goes to show you that you shouldn't google any medical procedure without first asking exactly what you are having done. I was having a bone density scan, not necessarily a full out bone scan with the dye in the veins and the radioactive urine (damn it) I was getting tested to make sure my bones are alright. The lovely technician explained it all to me but I was more focused on the fact that he looked like George Clooney's twin, so all my brain was thinking was damn why didn't I put on some cuter sweats....It was a very quick procedure and at the end I was trying to get the tech to tell me how my bones looked but all he could tell me was that he thought I would be pleased with the results, but that my doc would have to tell me the full results...damn legal guidelines! So hopefully that means no early onset osteoporosis and I can go back to doing even more damage on my knees by running. It didn't take long and I was out of there before Old Navy opened .

While I was waiting there was this lady in the waiting room sitting there with an obviously bald head covered by a beautiful scarf, she commented to me how much she liked my short hair and how she never thought she would be jealous of someones "short" hair until she had none. Pretty heavy shit for 9 in the morning when I wasn't really too keen on the idea of having to go to the breast health center to have the scan done in the first place. I tend to avoid at all costs thinking about cancer or thinking about dying or getting older or getting sick. I can't handle it...at all...better than I used to be but still not good. I hate hospitals I even hate the pretty and new Center For Health, I just don't want to be reminded that I could one day need a doctor. This lady her name was Ginny...she told me to make sure I spelled her name with a G : ) was the neatest person I have ever spoken to for less than 20 minutes. I can say that with all certainty. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and only given 6 months to live when they had found the cancer had spread to her bones and her other vital organs. She was 42 years old had never been married but had a male partner who has been her rock she told me through all of this. She asked if I had any children, when I told her 4 her eyes welled up with tears and she told me that she had never wanted any kids of her own and had enjoyed her carefree adult life. But had always in the back of her head though "what if". She then took my hand and told me to never do anything that would make me say "what if". God I am not a crier by nature I would probably rather bleed out of my mouth than cry in front of a stranger but I started to cry at those words. She hopes to live till Christmas time her favorite holiday. As I was being called to go back to the room her partner Gary came from the cafeteria with coffee for both of them, an older man who looked tired but kind. Damn I wasn't expecting to have that happen to me today. usually the people I am next to in the waiting room either are seriously crazy or seriously religious and always want to ask me if I have found Jesus. ( I must look like a heathen) Not ever someone who was dying and so personable to a total stranger. I told her that I was only there for a bone density test, that my boobs were not involved at all in today's exam, she smiled and told me to have a beautiful day. As I told her good-bye, I felt relieved that I was healthy and happy that I had met her, but extremely sad that she wouldn't be around next year that Gary would be alone without her. I suddenly missed my kids like crazy and hoped their dipshit Dad was giving them enough hugs. Ughhh I don't know how the nurses and the doctors and the medical people do it all day long. I don't think I am strong enough. I talked to her for maybe 10 minutes and I am rethinking how I spend my time, and my decisions. I am sad and angry that cancer can be so devastating. Ladies do your monthly self exams! Ginny was deathly afraid to do hers, she told me she thought if she didn't do them she would never find anything bad...well yeah true I guess, but Gary was the one that found the lump and she couldn't ignore it any longer after that. Feel yourselves up ladies!!

Ok on a much happier note... the music of John Denver the man who has brought me much happiness with his voice and guitar...is being brought to an off-Broadway stage near you. Well actually not really near you unless you are in New York. Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver is being debuted on November 9th of this year! I am assuming a play somewhat like Moving Up with all the songs of Billy Joel. Here's hoping the tour gets this way! The only problem would be finding someone to take me...lol

Enjoy your day!!!

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