Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet the Parents and the Best Friend

14 weeks and 4 days....that's how long we have been together. I usually don't document everyday but for the purpose of the blog and making my point I thought it was useful. I do however have the weeks we have been dating on my calendar. Every Tuesday another week that for some cosmic reason I still love him.

I have been in one other long term relationship since my divorce and he was great but I think I was searching for someone who was the complete opposite of my ex-husband...and I found him, but it just didn't work. He was the polar opposite and in the beginning I thought that was what I wanted, but by 14 weeks and 4 days into that one, I wanted to scratch and claw my way out.

Then I met E and he reminded me alot of Dale (the ex-husband) but in a good way in the ways that I loved about him in the beginning of that relationship. His sense of humor, and his willingness to listen to me at the end of tell him every detail of the days events, and then actually make comments or laugh or get mad at the appropriate places . And then when I ask him how his day was...he tells me in detail, and I love listening to him talk to me about the car business and what cars got sold and how big an engine is or whatever things I really without him would have no interest in, but I now find myself noticing the Chevy's more or the color of

This is by no means meant to be a big gushy blog about him, but my point was I think people are attracted to people for a reason, and sometimes the whole going outside of the box, opposites attract thing just doesn't work. For me on to the point of this...

I haven't met his parents yet. His parents like mine are divorced and remarried . And I think timing has just been the major thing there. With my kids being with me most of the time, and the distance between us, it just hasn't worked yet. And even though I am 31 years old I still want to impress his folks, so the thought of meeting them makes me throw up a little in my mouth...but also I am totally psyched to see kind of "where he came from".

My parents wanted to meet him so as a bribe they offered to keep all the kids overnight if before hand me and E would come to dinner so they could meet him. I really wasn't worried, cause he is a really likable salesmany type of guy, that even if the conversation lagged he would keep it going. My Aunt and Uncle were there also and things turned out great couldn't have been better really. He had written me yesterday morning and told me that he had been up the night before puking and that he was at work and felt better, but he wanted to wait till after lunch to make sure, so that made me nervous right I really was looking forward to seeing him and two how the hell was I gonna tell my dad and Paula that he canceled...even if he was legitimately sick I was scared about what they would think...but he was fine and they loved I knew they would : )

My mom lives in Seattle and will be here after Christmas so she will get to meet him then. She's a bit more of a hard nut to crack,. but I am almost certain he will charm her into liking him, even if she doesn't want to, you almost can't help yourself..gush gush : )

So after dinner we were deciding what to do with a kid free night and so I suggested going over to Renee's my BFF and she if she was home. They have never met either so I thought we would get all the introductions out of the way in one night. She was home, and we sat out on her patio for a couple of hours, talking, smoking and freezing (well E did anyway) . It was fun and she liked him alot too, which is always the one approval you want anyway is from the best friend.

It was a great weekend and I honestly just feel that much more closer to him than before. At least no one told any embarrassing stories about me or broke out any high school pictures with my huge bangs and big green So now I am back to real life with kids and I am off to go make nachos for lunch...yummmy : )

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