Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bone Scan and Radioactive Urine

So I had a doctors appointment today...nothing too major. I saw my neurologist who I think I might have a slightly inappropriate crush on. I have a seizure disorder for those of you that don't know me. I had my first grand mal seizure when I was living in Seattle with my ex about 10 years ago. It was in the middle of the night so I don't remember having it, but I know it wasn't a great experience for my ex. He called 911 and I was taken to the ER where honestly I think they all thought I was having some sort of reaction to the illegal drugs they assumed I was taking ( I wasn't), they basically chalked it up to some statistic that one out of every, fill in the blank here, people have an unexplained seizure in their life time. To go home rest and if it happens again they would run all the tests. Well it happened again about a week later. So I got all the fancy pictures of my brain done and nothin showed up...which is sooo funny looking back on that period of my life...young and child free how I didn't even worry that it might have been a tumor...didn't really even cross my mind. Where if that had happened today I would have probably been a nervous wreck, planning my funeral, and making good-bye videos for my kids...ahhh the ignorance of youth...

Anyway I was fine but they put me on an anti-seizure medication anyway told me not to drink too much on it and I would live happily ever seizure free after. Which I did really only a couple of stupid times like a week after we got married I found out I was pregnant...now all the books scare poor young mothers into thinking that if you look at an aspirin your baby will be deformed so I was petrified of what my medication could do to my baby so I (stupidly) stopped taking the medication, and guess what?? Yep I had a seizure, I was fine, Lily was fine, and I got a stern talking to from my doctor. So I go once a year to test for all the side effects the medication might cause.

Now I hadn't been to my doctor since I was pregnant with Nathan the fourth baby so that was about 2 years ago until today when I went mainly because there was a really mean nurse who wouldn't refill my prescription anymore unless I came in...yeah yeah I get why i need to go in, but hell it wasn't like I am selling it on the street... hmmm I wonder...???? I hate doctors and hospitals and old people in hospitals waiting to see the doctors...to many memories and fears pop up and I just avoid it at all costs. My doctor is wonderful, cute in an old man from a different country sort of way. He thought everything looked great, but I had to get blood levels drawn, to check to make sure my levels of the medication I am taking are efficient and to check for possible liver damage which is a side effect of the medication. He also mentioned that it can also decrease bone mass which will make me more susceptible to bones breaking and what not so he recommended a bone scan...kind of like an x-ray my doctor described. Sure why not I say...

So they schedule it I get home and Google it...which yeah I know I shouldn't do but I was curious...so I am reading that they inject this dye into my veins and then basically take pictures and if there are any big dark spots that means I have a tumor or cancer or something equally awful, and if the dye distributes evenly then I am fine. But the part I liked the best was that they will make sure I use the restroom afterwards to get rid of any radioactive urine I might have. hehe I wonder what you could do with radioactive urine?? Fuel cars? Make bombs? Grow corn? I mean I think just the name alone could sell something?? what? yeah well you're probably right...maybe not :)

More to come on the bone scan!

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