Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Older Blows

So I am taking my make-up off tonight and staring at my skin...why do I do that? I should blindfully go about my ritual, brush my teeth and get my book to read but no...I stare. Shit what happened??? I am 31 years old, relatively young in the grand scheme of things. I love the Chris Rock joke: "Fourty isn't's only young if you die at 40 or if your dating Cher"hehe But I am not any where near 40! So I am young damnit, and should have young skin?!? My mom who is pushin 60 looks great for her age, she looks like a young 50ish older active woman on the go. My Grandpa is 93 looks like he's not a day over 60 and all of my Dad's side look young even when they are collecting the social security checks. So what happened?? I smoked when I was younger, maybe for about 5 years, I sit in the sun on occasion, but rarely since I also must have inherited from someone, along with the bad skin gene, the pale (you can see my blood running through my veins) skin color gene. So I tend to avoid the sun. So what happened? Four kids? Single momhood? Bad moisturizer? What? Tell me? I want to age well.. I want to be one of those women people say "Wow you have aged well", not "Damn she looks rough.

I NEVER ever have gotten a pimple before, I shit you not, in my life till I turned 30and then BAM suddenly I am a teenager, or what I am assuming a teenager has to deal with since I never got a f**kin pimple ever as a teenager. Did I mention NEVER!? I have a pimple forming on my cheek, a big red spot that is sometimes really red sometimes decides to go away on my other cheek. My skin is kind of rough and I have a bunch of sickly little white heads on my nose that even the damn Pore Strips wont take off...Damn I sound sexy don't I?? So I am sitting her writing this with some sort of miracle mask on my face, wondering what happened to my youth??


Cameron said...

Getting older does blow!!!

I'm so old I can't remember how old I am. I always have to do the math. I'm pretty sure I'm 32.

Jennifer said...

Yes, someone asked me my age yesterday and I just froze. I'm sure they thought I was freaking out about telling anyone, but I just couldn't remember! (I also recently read my son the riot act, saying "You are only 15! You still have to listen to your mother!" Ohly to have him say, "Um, mom, I'm 14."
So apparently I have some kind of problem with numbers!
Oh, and the solution to your problem, just start telling people you are 45 AND 8 months pregnant, that way they think "Damn, she looks good, and SKINNY for a pregnant lady."

sarah said...

Ha!! I about had a heart attack the other day when my then 6 year old told me that in 10 years I would be 40 and she would be 16...I don't know which statement was scarier. : )

Lola Takes Pictures said...

it's the kids. they make you age faster.

i blame it all on them.