Friday, October 24, 2008

I Hate Technology

I hate it.. I hate emails, and Instant Messaging, and blogs and computers and cell phones! Everything. I think we should go back to writing on stone tablets, and having pigeons fly our messages written in ink...not on a computer. I think we need to go back to where the phone cord is only 10 feet long and you can't talk on your phone in the car. We shouldn't have cars we should all run, or bike or ride horses. If you are expecting a response for a question the person will be forced to answer you because you are standing right in freakin front of them instead of waiting all damn day by your computer for them to write you back!

I need a drink or a Xanax, or a very long run. All three of which I can not do at the moment because of the damn computer!!!!

And on another note: Why the hell would Pinky Dinky Doo pick "hideous" as her great big word to teach my almost two year old, who barely says anything besides cookies and No, but now he says hideous...what a stupid word to put on a children's show. And why can't that damn duck on Wonder Pets talk without a lisp??? Ahhhh again my perfectly normal sounding 5 year old always thinks that's how she needs to talk after watching it...lesson learned...turn off the damn television and pick up a book!

Alright I feel better now...happier posts to come.

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