Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year In Review

Another "cheating" post. I borrowed (stole) this one off my Myspace page. Happy New Year!!

2008 is quickly coming to an end. So tell us exactly what happened in this unfor​gettable year.

How old did you turn? 31 Ughh don't remind me. I prefer to think of it as 21, since 31 is the new 21 right? Yeah shut up I know I 'm getting old.

What school did you go to? A local University here where I live. I did all online classes this last semester and really liked it alot even though I miss being around 18 year old girls that look like they eat only ice chips and model for Vogue. Envy is a resolution I'm working on for next year.

Tell us about something good that happened: Lots of things, I met Eric, I got all As in school, I started this blog and have made some great new friends, rekindled an old friendship etc etc

Did you change much? I don't know? I guess I changed in the fact that I was the one that ended the relationship this Spring when there was really nothing wrong with him just he was wrong for me. I would have never walked away from something or someone who loved me that much before. I just wasent ready to settle again.

Are you happy with who you have become? Very I love being a mother more than anything and think I have really "grown' into that role well

Tell us a song you were hooked on: I love Flowering Spade by Sean Hayes It is playing constantly on my iPod.

Did you go to the beach? I wish! Maybe this new year I can get a vacation in somewhere warm!

Did you get really dressed up for anything? No not really a couple of weddings that were really courthouse casual this summer. Oh I did wear a dress for my ex's brothers wedding that was during my skinny pre gaining 10 pounds in a month days so I looked pretty smokin!! I mean if I do say so myself.

Tell us a funny thing that happened? My kids make me laugh everyday. I ran into a telephone pole while running I am sure that was hilarious for the people that were watching it.

Tell us the saddest thing that happened? My Dad's dog Dook had to be put to sleep yesterday. That was really sad. We knew he was sick and that putting him down was inevitable but it was a tough thing to read from my Dad. Also losing Jack the cat was really sad too. I am lucky my two legged family memebers have all been happy and healthy this year!

What are your plans for New Year? Going out with E to do who knows what since he has made secret plans that are driving me crazy not knowing!!

What are you most looking forward to next year? School, running in the nicer weather, Summer, vacationing with E and his girls. Hopefully going out to Seattle to see my Mom and sis. Lots of things...

Tell us something you plan on changing for next year? Well I want to be healthier in what I eat. Train more, be more patient, the usual things

Think back to the beginning of the year and now think of now what’s different: Oh God I was living with a man, I had a different car, a different hair color, I was a different jean size : )

Are you happy with what happened this year?​ I am very happy I was fortunate to have had a good year when so many people around me were losing jobs and homes, and retirement savings, I somehow got around all that and feel very very blessed

Was 2008 your best year? Well I am planning to have lots more years so I am gonna say that this isnt my best that it is yet to come!


Braja said...

Jean sizes are overrated...

Happy 2009, Sarah!!

Lola Takes Pictures said...

Wow, a whole lot of changes in one year. Amazing how life spins on a dime, eh? You sound better for it though, stronger, more self-assured. Good deal! :)

Thanks for turning me on to Sean Hayes, btw. I have 20 free music downloads from but they don't carry the mainstream stuff so I've had to expand my musical horizons. He sounds like someone right up my alley. Check out Brett Dennen when you get a chance. I think you'll like him.

Have a great new year!

HeatherPride said...

Happy New Year!!

It is hard to break up a relationship when the only thing "wrong" is the chemistry. Sorry to hear about your dad's dog. That's rough.

I hope you have a great 2009!

Irish Gumbo said...


You have a good handle on things in your life. Being able to recognize the who/what/why/where of yourself is wonderful! And that is a resolution I have for myself...

Happy New Year!

goodfather said...

Happy New Year!

Stop by if you make it to Seattle!

Here's hoping it's a good year for all of us... :)

Vodka Mom said...

I just pray that each year WILL be my best year ever.

Happy New Year!

DeeMarie said...

Great post! Here's to a happy 2009!!!!