Monday, December 1, 2008

The World Might Be Ending

I can't think of anything to mind is a big bad blank blog page. I have even been trying to do things that might turn out funny or amusing so I can write it down, but I got zip, zero, el nothin.

Playing in the snow with kids....nope all were cold and wet within 5 minutes.

Thanksgiving....nope everyone got along and no family secrets were revealed.

Christmas shopping...nope I shop online so no crowds no mess no trampling stories to tell.

All that keeps going through my head is that I need to buy cat food, and how I wish I would have said yes to taking leftovers on Thanksgiving cause I could really go for a turkey sandwich right about now, and how I much I think that Kate from John and Kate Plus Eight is really a psycho blond bitch and am thinking she secretly killed Aunt Jody and hid her body so she couldn't steal her spotlight,and how I sooo hate the snow cause I can't run outside and my treadmill is not working so I am like a teenage girl who is PMSing BIG time times 100 cause I need to move my legs, and how I can't wait to take English 110 next semester so I can learn how to not use run on sentences in my blogs.

Hopefully more interesting posts to come. I am gonna ask Santa for some creativity while he's dropping off the kid's Wii.


Cameron said...

Kate from Jon and Kate plus Eight is psycho. The girl treats Jon like shit, plus I am SO SICK of them taking these paid for vacation.

goodfather said...

Oooo, I hope my kids get a Wii. I have the feeling Santa might be a little recessed for us though.

Katie said...

I kind of identify with Kate from Jon and Kate + 8. I don't know what that says about me but I think if I had 8 kids I may be the same way. I think I may be a little more nice to my other half, but I can totally see me getting that crazy!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Yeah except when they are filming in her house 4 days a week, she gets a chef, a cleaning lady and a personal assistant, plus lawn care done, and the help with her kids is full time. I would soo totally be crazy too but she bugs me, and I bet there will be some sort of tell-all book come out later from some disgruntled family member she hasent let on her show ; )

Jennifer said...

Maybe you can get another treadmill on freecycle?
I have a cheap hand me down one, but I'm a little worried because sometimes it smells like it might be on fire...

I go back and forth about Kate. The bickering I don't mind so much, but her ocd "everything must be perfect" tendencies, well, that drives me crazy.
I totally think you are right about Aunt Jody! And the absense of family members on the show does seem odd.
Oh, and Cameron is right, the paid vacation/infomercial-esque shows are getting to me now, too!

Heinous said...

I stuffed this comment full of creative stuff for you. You just have to place your forehead on the screen and it will jump into your head.