Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Son: The Not So Subtle Hint Giver

A conversation between me and my four year old son today after he got home from Christmas shopping for me with his Grandparents...

Me: Hey kid how was the shopping trip? Did you get me something fabulous?

And by fabulous I mean something fabulous cause its from my kid and costs no more than $5. You gotta love those shop by themselves places

Son: Me got you something great mama. You want me to give you a hint?

Me: Sure but don't tell me what it is I wanna be surprised on Christmas morning.

Son: OK Me got you something that is round and shiny and fits on your finger.

Me: Hmmmm I have no idea! I bet its pretty though.

Son: Oh yeah and it starts with an R. You're gonna love it mama. Fofie got you something that hangs on the tree and is square and looks like Santa Clause. don't remember what she got you.

Me: Oh I know I will love everyone's gifts! I can't wait to find out what it is?!

If you need me I'll be working on my surprised faces in the mirror! I love Christmas.


DeeMarie said...

Awww!! I love watching kids pick out presents. And I'm sure your round shiny thing that starts with an r and goes on your finger will be gorgeous!!!

goodfather said...

Good luck with your surprised face ;) .

Michelle said...

You know he is probably just a really good bluffer and he actually got you something that is shiney and starts with an N and goes around your neck. ; ) I love that kid!

tls1995 said...

My four year old keeps begging me to open my gift she got me at The Stocking Stuffer Store "because it goes on the Christmas Tree Mommy".

But it has to be better than last years water globe which broke before she got it home and cried non-stop since it broke.

Mama Dawg said...

Don't you love that age?