Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mother Nature Can Kiss My Ass

You know I don't mind living in the Midwest. As previously mentioned in a older post, no doubt when the weather was 70 and sunny, I love it here. I love the seasons. The rain in the Spring and the heat in the Summer and the leaves turning color in the Fall and the snow in the winter. Well I lied. I hate it and I especially hate it when it is freezing rain outside and E who lives 50 minutes away from me can't come over for our weekly Sunday night (don't call it a booty call) get togethers. Why does anyone stay in the sucky winter states? I mean why don't we all pretend we're 80 and Winter in Boca three months out of the year? (and yes I know that's not realistic but its my rant so be quite)

I really do love it here for the time being at least, my family is here and my life, but I hate when I can't see the people I love because of shitty weather. I don't mind the snow or driving in the snow, but when it is pouring down ice that is just not right, and I don't care what kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle you own it just becomes one big flying ton of metal on nights like tonight, which leaves me with some *ahem* pent up energy that needs to be dealt with. God damn weather.

And yes I will have some cheese with my wine.


DeeMarie said...

Midwest weather sucks. I'm right there with you.

Katie said...

I'm with you! Stupid ice storms!!

Mama Dawg said...

Oh, honey. Just be thankful you get some on a regular basis.

I hate living in a small town sometimes. I lost my regular booty call right before Hurricane Katrina (when I still lived in New Orleans).

i do not know me said...

Weather has foiled my jogging schedule, but hasn't impacted the booty call schedule. Does that make me better or worse off than you?