Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kewanee, Illinois, Kids, Cosmo

Well I spent the day in Kewanee today....I know you are all jealous. : ) But we had a lot of fun! I am the proud girlfriend of a man who has two children. Eleven year old twin girls. They are so super awesome and I really lucked out on that aspect of the relationship. Since we all have met we try and get everyone together about once a month to hang out and to get them all to love each other :) which really hasn't been a difficult thing to do, thank God. So today we headed over there and spent the day at his house, playin outside, grillin out, and playing in the park. They are soo good with my little ones and I wish they lived closer so they could babysit! It was alot of fun and I am so exhausted it is amazing. I am thinking it must have been all the fresh air, cause I pretty much just hung back and took pictures all day, instead of Eric who was constantly running around with them, giving piggy back rides and chasing them with silly string. I have never dated anyone with kids before. That seems weird thinking about it, and I don't know if I subconsciously did that or that was just the way the dating ball fell each time till now. I have to say the prospect of someday becoming a step mom was frightening, especially to two girls, but they are great and I am hoping he isn't lying when he tells me they like me! : ) I like the idea of being in their lives as someone other than a mom and hopefully if my relationship with their Dad continues to grow, my relationships with them will also. And they won't hate me and write notes that say "We hate Sarah" and leave them "hidden" in plane site so my step mom could find them and hopefully go away like my sister and I did to our step mom. lol We love her now, but it was a rocky road the first couple of years, and I am grateful that this is turning out differently.
He is wonderful with my kids, I think he sincerely enjoys kids and being around them and I have never seen a better Dad, and I am not just trying to kiss ass here cause he doesn't even read this I feel confident that he would be a good role model to my kids and a good example of how a Dad should be, which what more could I ask for? I have been so fortunate that the men that I have dated have never really thought twice about the fact that I have 4 kids. I mean I guess that maybe alot of them never really wanted anything serious and so they didn't think that they would be involved with them, but the ones that have met them, have loved them easily...or at least liked them easily. My kids are easy to love in the sense that they pretty much love They are little enough that basically all you have to do is make a fart joke and you are in like Flynn. Its all very exciting and scary to me this phase I am in with him. The moving forward, the kids meeting, and the progression of an actual grown-up relationship.

Ok so enough of all that serious stuff on to the important things like what my Cosmo said this month! So in my last blog I was talking about the questions I was asking E that I really wanted to know the answers to but no "Tell me something I don't know about you" or anything pertaining to an ex-girlfriend. Like I said I have been warned not to ask such questions, but me being me, I ask anyway and sometimes I don't really like the responses I get but I am learning. So on my very exciting Saturday night I was reading my Cosmo and came across this article on questions you are Suppose to ask the significant other to find out more about them and I thought I would share these with you my faithful reader(s):

1. Let's say you won the lottery tomorrow. Would you fly to the Caribbean or do something charitable?
(trick question if you ask me)

2. If we hadn't met, what do you think your life would be like right now?

3. Did you ever have a psychic premonition?

4. What superpower do you wish you had?

5. When you were little, did you ever pack a bag and try and run away from home? How come?

Just a sampling from the literary great Cosmopolitan. I personally think they all are a tad on the amateur side of the question asking line. Even though you probably won't get any really juicy stories out of any of these, they could possibly save you from hearing about your boyfriends favorite part of his ex-girlfriend...or any of those other relationship questioning conversations I tend to want to start on a Wednesday night after a couple of beers! : )

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