Monday, September 22, 2008

August 16, 2008 Slumber Parties

Slumber parties, the words reminds me of days long ago when my best friend in grade school, Susie and I were constantly spending the night at each other's house. Mainly I was at her house playing in the woods in her backyard, making nachos at midnight and stalking her cute neighbor. Occasionally one our other friends would have a birthday sleep over, where there were more than just 2 of us girls. Calling the radio station to see if we could request a song on KZ-93, prank calling boys, and giving makeovers, interspersed by large amounts of sugar and caffeine. I don't remember anything particularly awful about any of them, except I do know that Susie and I were kind of mean to the girls that weren't in our "group" Yeah I'm not too proud of it now, especially since I have 2 daughters of my own now, but it was what it was. One sleep over at my Dad's house, Karen, a girl that was kind of odd, fell asleep first and she got her hair covered in glitter and underwear placed ever so gently on top of her head. I mean it sounds pretty tame to the pranks of today's girls I wasn't telling all of myspace that she was a slut or anything. But still kind of mean. I am surprised her parents didn't sue mine.

But on a side note Karen the girl with the glitter in her hair and the underwear on her head...she has her PH.D in medical research and makes a very good living with her very successful and very drop dead gorgeous husband near Chicago. When I saw her a couple of years ago stricken with grief that we had scared her for life, she couldn't remember the slumber party in question. My guess is lots of therapy, and possibly some sort of drugs to block out the pain.

My daughter turned 7 last week and me as her mom being slightly crazy 98% of the time thought it would be a great idea to invite all her little friends over for a slumber party. She had just gotten back from her first slumber party and had loved it and the mom of that little girl looked rested and unfazed by the night of little girls, so I thought "Why not?" I gave birth to four kids! I can handle 7 little seven year old girls!

Well it is the morning after and I am think I want to trade my daughters for sons... Is it too late for that?? I was completely unaware that at 7 girls turn into soap opera actresses, eat like grown men, and gossip like old women. The night was pretty successful, all the girls got along for the most part, and all were pretty agreeable. And the only "prank" that was pulled off was pulled in the morning since they all fell asleep by 10 PM. The girls that got up first put pillows on the other girls heads. No suffocation involved and everyone thought it was terribly funny.

I now know that Disney Princesses are uncool and that Kaleb likes Tianna apparently because of this love letter:

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue
If You Come Over To My Desk
I Will Hit You On the Head.

I know I know ladies right? That Kaleb is a smooth operator. I asked her why she thought that meant that he liked her and she told me that he didn't write poems like that to just any girl!Plus she thought it was funny and she likes funny boys.

Here are a few other cute little quotes from the evening of fun:

Girl1: "Oh did you hear that the Jonas Brother with the straight hair broke up with Miley Cyrus?"
Girl2 "No!! That is awful! Do you think she cried?"

I am thinkin probably so, I mean he is a Jonas Brother! I had never really paid attention to them before, but apparently I need to start! Nothin like a seven year old to make me feel very old and uncool.

Here's another one:

I asked one of the little girls if she wanted another cupcake and she replied :

"No I don't want my butt to get big like my mom's."

Laughing yet silently cursing all the times I have said how much I need to lose weight in front of my girls, and practically shoved the cookie into the little girl's mouth.

This one is my favorite coming from my sweet Lily. They were all around in their sleeping bags taking about boys...which just for the record I soo think second grade is scary young to be talking about boys, but I can't live in denial forever as hard as I try...

Lily: "I heard that in second grade the boys have gotten taller but aren't as smart!"

Gotta love my Lily for wantin a smart man. So Another little girl told her to wait until they get to be 10 years old cause that is when they are really smart. Good girls. At least maybe I have a couple of years to convince her dumb boys have cooties. Even though unfortunately all the not so smart ones also happen to be the really cute ones, as Tianna pointed out. But hey what does she know? Her man Kaleb wants to hit her on the head.

Well the last of the little girls are trickling out of my home and I am amazed everyday that I am actually old enough to have kids, let alone kids that are old enough to have sleepovers. Yeah talk about denial huh??

It went well and maybe in about 5-10 years I will let her have another one!


Susie said...

Awwwww! We had good times Sarah! Now don't go telling all our secrets - we were perfectly nice girls who included everyone right?!!! Mud puddle anyone???? splashing on "brand new jeans for Silver Dollar City!!!"
I said FAT not FAG! Jeez man!

Sarah said...

Ha! That Pam deserved everything she Now Sarah C on the other hand I really did apologize to when we worked together! lol