Monday, September 29, 2008


I forgot to mention this on my Kewanee blog...
So Saturday we are all at the park in Kewanee and apparently that is where you go when you are young and want to hang out and look cool in High School.
Apparently I have been out of high school for that long that I forgot that is where I used to hang out too! And make fun of the "old" people and their kids, and give them dirty So we are there playing with the kids, and this bitch...I mean girl says to her friend "Don't you think that little boy over there, the one with red hair looks like Chucky?" Her friend said "Oh my Gawd! No!" Well at least that one had some sense, and it took all my mommy willpower to not go over there and punch the girl in her nose. Wouldn't be a very good example for the kids, plus I bet her and her skinny little friends could have kicked my ass if they wanted to, it is Kewanee after all. So that night on the phone I tell Eric this and laugh and wonder if it is a very good mother thing to do to dye my kid's hair a nice shade of not red....

So last night in our Sunday night (don't call it a booty call) get together, he tells me he was telling the girls about that older girl saying Nathan looked like Chucky and they told him that they probably meant the Chucky from So I said yeah I am sure that's what the 14 year old girl meant...that he looks like a red headed cartoon, which I guess is better than a red headed killer doll. His daughter told him to tell me that "This is Kewanee and everyone in Kewanee watches the Rugrats" if I didn't believe them. Such nice girls trying to ease probably my son's very first red headed dis. The red haired gene that skipped myself, my sister, and all 3 of my older kids, and then there is Nathan with his red hair, which actually to be perfectly honest is more of an orange than red...poor kid I better get him into Tae Kwon Do now
I posted the pictures of all three red heads and come sweet little Red doesnt look anything like those other pictures. Right??

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